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Moving from a local database to a network shared database

If you have been using the file database locally and now wish to share your database with other users you can move your database to a common shared location so all users can read and write together.

The location of your file database is shown in the title bar of the Schedule it window once you have it open. By default, if you did not change it, a sample database is saved in your folder 'My Documents/Schedule it 7' called 'sample.sip'.

You can simply move this file to a common shared/network location that all users can access. All users with Schedule it should now choose Open from the File menu and pick the file you have just moved to the common shared location. All users can now read and write to the same database file. If you have a tab open to your old file location, click the arrow on the tab and close it.

Your desktop screen does not change every time any other user makes a change, which could be inconvenient for you. You can refresh your screen manually any time by pressing F5 or Refresh from the View menu. In the menu Tools/Options/Network you can also set a timer when your view is automatically refreshed with data from other users.

The file database uses Windows file sharing which has some limitations on file size and number of users. If you have 10 or more users or a large database file size we would recommend moving to MSSQL or MySQL as your database storage method.

Last updated, 26 March 2013, 15:17

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