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'I get an error 2755 when i try install from the exe'

Error 2755 is a generic or system-specific error. This error occurs on some systems triggered by the combination of how the setup is run on certain machines and how the machines are configured internally. Following is a list of common causes of this error:

1, There is a corrupted version of Windows Installer engine on the machine.

2, The installation does not have access to the Temp directory or if the default Temp directory of the machine is not clean or does not have enough space to run the setup.

3, The installation is being run over a terminal Server via a mapped network drive.

4, The installation is unable to create or write to the Installer directory in a Windows NT system environment.

5, The installation has some custom actions that are not configured properly.

Also see these links at Microsoft...

Last updated, 26 April 2013, 10:26

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