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I have a new, replacement or changed PC/computer, how do I move my license?

Moving your license

If you have a new PC, replacement PC or have changed the PC/computer that your Schedule it license was created for, it may be possible to move or transfer the license from your old PC to your new PC if you have the Business or Enterprise license. The first step is to download and install the trial of Schedule it software on your new PC from here. Once installed you can open your existing database file to check access.

Then send us the new software ID from your new PC. Once we receive this new software ID we can send back steps on how to disable the old license and move it to your new PC. On your new PC. start Schedule it, then you can find the ID under the Schedule it Help menu in the Registration Details window, then press Send Software ID/Request a key, we will then reply by email. If your trial has expired the same buttons are shown when the software starts.

Also include in your email the license, computer name, or a copy of your original email with your old license, so we can disable the correct old license and can supply the moving code. If you wish to run the software on both your old PC and new PC then a new license will need to be purchased for your new PC.

Moving your database

If you are using a file database and also want to move this to your new PC you can see the location and file name you are using in the title bar of Schedule it when you have it open. Copy this file to your new PC and open if from the File menu with Open an Existing database. If you are using your own SQL server that is also on the same PC, an option is to choose BACKUP to export your data to a CSV file, then RESTORE it on your new PC into any database you wish to use.

Moving your sync settings

If you were using your old PC to synchronize with an online account, be sure to copy the synchronization settings from your old PC to your new PC. These settings can be found on the old PC in Schedule its Tools menu > Options > Internet & Web then Sync Settings. You MUST then remove the login details in the synchronization settings from the old PC to prevent duplicate PCs trying to synchronize.

(change a license to a different computer, pc, move, deactivate, remove)

Last updated, 29 August 2013, 19:23

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