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Import and export to Quickbooks, Sage, SAP etc with the Desktop version

Importing and Exporting to Other External Applications from Desktop Schedule it

Schedule it can import from and export to other programs such as Sage, Quickbooks, SAP, and many others via CSV files. You can fully customise the data and location of all the data in the reports and templates (CSV exports) so you can create many different exports for many programs.

The first step is to understand the data your program needs to import. Most software suppliers will give you CSV samples you can use and experiment with. You must first manually create a CSV file with Notepad, or from an Excel sheet, that you can use to successfully import some simple data into your chosen application. Once you have a proven CSV file and can import data into your chosen application send us the file so we can create a report that matches it. You can also create your own report/export files. For more details on creating custom reports please see this FAQ.

Different programs required data and column orders that are specific to their application. We may have some sample reports already for some external applications so please ask us first although each customer needs can be different.

Below are some useful links to help you create the initial CSV file so we can then work together to create a custom report to match your needs.


To Import your customers from Sage you can use this Sage customer report or create your own report files to make a CSV export.

With the supplied report...

1, Download the report and save it with your Sage reports
2, In Sage view your customer list and choose Reports, pick the saved report
3, In the report preview choose Export to 'Plain Text - OEM Files', and save the exported data
4, In Schedule it choose from the Data menu, 'Import Events/Resources from CSV'
5, In the file browser choose 'File Of Type' 'All Files', pick your exported txt file and press Open

...all the customers exported from Sage will now be imported into Schedule it.

Other website with details on creating CSV files for exporting and importing with Sage.







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