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How to approve an email address?

In the Desktop application, email addresses are automatically added to the approved email address list when you send an alert to that address. You can view the approved list in the menu Tools/Send & Receive Email/Approved. From the menu Tools/Send & Receive Email/Approved, you can remove unused addresses from your approved list to give space for new ones.

Each desktop license allows 3 addresses to be approved and alerts can be sent to these 3 addresses. If you have multiple licenses then the number of addresses that can be approved is increased, e.g. 10 licenses allows 30 addresses using the 3:1 ratio. Additional licenses can be purchased to increase the number of addresses you can email.

When receiving emails from addresses not in your approved list (menu Tools/Send & Receive Email/Receiving) you can manually select the address you want to add then press Approve. Emails from these addresses can now be imported. This security feature prevents spammers or hackers emailing you events that could get imported.
Last updated, 9 June 2014, 08:23

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