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What is Schedule it Messages?

Messages is a new feature that allows any user in your account, including read only and limited users, to contact another. They start as a simple message which can grow into a conversation between 2 or more users. Messages can also be forwarded to other users to allow them to join the conversation. You can access your Messages from the top navigation bar in your online account, or from the menu in the top right of our mobile apps.

Examples of use include:

  • Users can request time off with department managers

  • Request more details on a specific event or planned schedule

  • Quickly open and guide a user directly to an event from a link within a Message

  • Notifying users of a recent change or update in their schedule

  • A quick way to open and access a commonly used/needed event without having to find it in the schedule

  • Administrators can alert all users of any announcement that every user needs to see

  • A direct way to contact the Schedule it Support team

    This feature was added due to many requests by existing users and we have more to include over the coming months. Your feedback would be great and if you need anything specific that we should include to make it fit your needs better then please let us know.

    This feature is currently available in our online scheduling service and mobile apps. The desktop software will be updated in the next major release or sooner depending on user feedback.
  • Last updated, 3 June 2015, 10:37

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