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'Installation directory must be on a local hard drive'

If you have recently encountered a Windows error message 'Installation Directory must be on a local hard drive'. The installation package does not having permissions to access the hard drive to proceed the tasks such as creating new folder, copying files to such folder, and configuring Windows registry.

This problem is known as MSI Installer problem and when you have this error message you must install using your Administrative privileges. You can Right-click and run the installer as admin.

To start a program as an administrator:

First be sure you have unzipped the MSI file to a folder then...

Right click the Scheduleit7.MSI file and choose "Run As Administrator"


1. In Windows Explorer, click the Scheduleit7.MSI file.
2. Press SHIFT and hold, right-click the program icon, and then click Run as.
3. To log on using an Administrator account, click The following user.
4. In User name and Password, type the Administrator account name and password that you want to use.
Last updated, 7 June 2015, 13:09

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