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How to move from an online database to a local database?

If you are changing or closing your online account and wish to start using your data in our desktop product you will need to download it before your online account is closed.

Step 1, Download and install the latest version of our desktop software.

Step 2, Start the desktop software then choose from the File menu, 'Open Existing Database', choose Cloud, and enter your online account login details. You should now see your online data in the desktop software.

Step 3, From the menu Data, choose Export > 'Export ALL Data to CSV' and save the data to a file stored on your desktop.

Step 4, From the File menu, choose 'Start a New Database', choose File and give your new local file database a name. You will then see some sample data in a new local file database.

Step 5, From the menu Data, choose Import> 'Import ALL Data from CSV', choose the file you saved on your desktop and import it.

You should now have all your online data in a local database so your online account can be closed. Be sure you have everything you need before requesting to close your account.
Last updated, 17 August 2015, 07:30

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