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Linking users to resources for notifications and messaging

It is possible when adding or editing a user to choose the tab 'Alerts/Reminders' and link the user to a selection of resources and tasks. This can be used for notifications and other features where a user to resource relationship can be used. When editing a resource you can also select all the users that should be linked to it.


Whenever any of the chosen/linked resources or tasks are selected in an event the user can receive a notification. Each user can choose to receive the notifications via an email or a message. This can also include the event reminders. These are some examples of how this could be used...

1, The service manager needs a notification when an event is added and the task type Breakdown, Service, or Urgent is selected.

2, The manager of a team needs to be informed when something is added to any member their staff or team.

3, The HR department needs a notification whenever the task type Holiday, Vacation or Sickness is selected in an event.


It is also possible to choose not to receive any notifications and just use the linked resources to allow others to message you. From the Resource Information window, or by clicking the options link ('...') beside any resource name in the Event or Filter window, you can choose 'Message Linked Users' which will allow any user to quickly send a message to any user that is linked to that resource.

Last updated, 6 February 2016, 12:03

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