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Import and bulk upload EVENTS into your online account

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To import EVENTS into your online account go to the Account menu (Top Right) then choose Import. In the import window you can then paste your data, or open your CSV, iCal, or VCS file, then choose which of your data columns match with the fields in your online account.

Each line of your import file or text is an event. Each event needs at least a start and end date/time. E.g.
2023-01-29 09:00,2023-01-30 17:00, Some title, John Smith

You must select a default resource to import your events into. This is only used as a fall back in case the importer cannot find the resource names in your file to know where the events should go.

Last updated, 12 September 2023, 20:03

28 September 2022, 13:51
"Events are imported into a single resource when you don't specify any resource IDs or names."

No, SI does not allow for the import if I don't choose a resource.

7 April 2023, 07:22
This is only used as a fall back in case the importer cannot find the resource names in your file to know where the events should go. If you do include the resource in your file then the selected resource is not used.

12 September 2023, 19:31
Hi, Is there a list of parameters to prepare a csv with multiple lines and import it into SI? I have managed to transfer three events from a CSV file, but SI has not recognized the Tags, nor the background and text colors.

12 September 2023, 20:03
Add a single column to your CSV for all your tagged resources (comma separated). When an event is imported it will find exact name matches to existing resources and tag them to it. Add a column for the HTML text color and a column for the HTML background color for the imported event. Be sure the map the columns to the correct database point on the mapping step. You can also export events to a CSV to see a good sample of the format (Run a Report > Sample 5.

14 September 2023, 07:14
Hi Mark, thanks for the advice. I have done what was indicated, but only half of the string has worked. The import in Notes is truncated. The Tags or Resources appear as part of the Note with an indication:
MISSING RESOURCES - tag tag tag tag

Any idea?

14 September 2023, 07:44
Please contact our support team who can help much quicker, as these comments are only checked weekly. I sounds like your CSV does not have the correct quotation marks separating your columns. Your resource MUST already exist with exactly the same name in your database BEFORE import the events.

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