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Adding comments, messages and collaborating on your events

Comments are a great place to ask questions, get feedback and collaborate with other users about that specific event. Rather than constantly switching applications and trying to have a discussion over email or other forms of communication about an event or task, users can view and add to the discussion right in the event.

Unlike notes which are a guide to the work needed and finer details about an event, comments are separate and used to have a conversation about that event with other users. Comments are visible to anybody that can access the event. Additional users can be selected to be notify about new comments to encourage feedback, request extra information, or just confirm the details of the event.

Examples of how comments are being used:

  • Confirm with other users about the event details before publishing.

  • Users can ask questions or request more details about events they maybe involved in.

  • Inform users not involved in the event about the booking. For example, inform a service manager about a visit to one of their VIP contacts.

  • Include comments during an event about its progress or any issues.

  • Follow up after an event is completed with any extra comments.

  • Ask other users to make changes where permissions may not allow the current user.

  • Ask admin users why events cannot be saved or updated due to permission restrictions.

  • There are many situations where you may want to add extra information but do not wish to edit the main notes area. Comments can be used for this extra information.

    Adding and viewing comments

    From the Activity tab in an event you can view any existing comments and add new comments in the comment box below. Additional users, not involved in the event and not following the event, can also be selected to receive a notification about the new comment so they can view it and reply if needed.

    Last updated, 31 May 2020, 14:57

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