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How to follow the progress and activity on an event

You can follow a resource and be notified of all their changes, but there are times when you may want to just watch or follow the progress of an event without following everything a resources does and without being tagged as a resource in the event. By enabling the Follow option in top right of any event you can receive notifications when the event is updated or its progress is changed. You can open the event and stop following its activity at any time.

Examples of how following is being used:

  • Service managers can watch a specific customer visit to see its progress.

  • You can watch and get a notification when an engineer arrives on site.

  • Training planners can lookout for when a course is cancelled or rearranged.

  • Using a filter you can quickly find a list of all the events you are following.

    We welcome your feedback on how following events could help you, or how it could be improved, so please let us know.
    Last updated, 4 June 2020, 16:02

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