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Tabbed views - Viewing events in multiple new tabs

There may be times when you are scheduling and wish to view other events without interrupting your current view and position. This can be done using new tabs.

After searching for some events you can choose to view the results in a new tab. This new tab will show your search results and will update should any events be changed or deleted. The new tabs are not affected by any filter you may have applied in your main view and always show the results of the search query that was used when opening the new tab.

Use the new tabs to show lists of events that need some action or need to be monitored. During your normal scheduling you can then quickly switch tabs to monitor or make updates, then switch back to your main view.

The new tabs can be switched between to view the different events. Tabs can be dragged out of your current browser window and placed in a new position so you can see them all the time if required alongside your main scheduling tab.

Last updated, 6 December 2022, 20:17

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