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Single Sign On (SSO) OIDC using Slack

The following steps guide you through creating a custom application integration between Schedule it and Okta for user login authentication.

Slack API Console :

Create a new app integration

  • From the Schedule it Account Settings > Single Sign On (SSO) page, click the Slack link to populate the SSO form with the initial details.

  • In Slack, click Create New App > From scratch.
  • Enter a name, Schedule it SSO, and choose a workspace where it can be used.
  • Click Create App.
  • Scroll down to App Credentials.

  • Copy the Slack Client ID and paste into your Schedule it Account Settings > SSO > Client ID.
  • Copy the Slack Client Secret and paste into your Schedule it Account Settings > SSO > Client Secret.
  • Save your Schedule it settings.

  • In Slack scroll down to Display Information where you must enter a short and long description and add an icon.

  • Press Save Changes.
  • On the left select OAuth & Permissions.
  • Add the Redirect URL from your Schedule it Account Settings > SSO. Redirect URL.

  • Update each of your Schedule it users SSO details to include their SSO ID from your provider.
  • If you are unsure of the ID provided by your SSO provider, then you can attempt a login (from your Redirect URL)which should show the ID provided.

    Last updated, 26 August 2023, 12:08

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