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Inserting clickable links to other events

Sometimes events relate to, or need information from other events. It is possible using the Insert link option to insert a clickable link into the notes of any event that when clicked will instantly open the linked event for viewing.

Why link to other events?
  • Keep all the notes and attachments in a main event and link to it from other sub-events.
  • Quickly access other stages of a project/job by creating links between them.
  • Add links to previous events for a specific task or visit so they can be viewed without having to search for them.
  • View a complete summary of all notes from all linked events without having to open each individually.

  • Simply opening any event, or copying any event, will add it to a short list for selection. When using the Insert link icon you can pick an event from the shortlist and a clickable link will be created. For example, open or save a new event, then open or create another event and the link for the first is ready to be inserted if needed.

    If you click a link to a different event you can always go back by choosing Reopen last event from the More options.

    Last updated, 22 October 2023, 09:21

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