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Download online data to use locally or to start syncing


How to get your online data downloaded to your local PC for local only access, or to start a synchronised setup where your local database will become your master database.

1, First you need to get your online data downloaded. Open the desktop program Schedule It, from the File menu choose Open Existing database, Choose CLOUD and enter your cloud account login details, then click OK, you should now see your online data in the desktop program.

An Enterprise or trial license and online account is needed to connect directly. If you do not have this it can be enabled temporally to allow the download, just let us know.

2, With your online data visible in the desktop program Schedule It, Choose menu Data, Export, 'Export ALL Data', when prompted save the CSV file to your desktop with the file name 'download.csv'. Once complete you will see the message 'Export Completed' and will have a new file on your desktop.

3, From the File menu choose Create NEW database. Give the new database the name 'Local' press OK and choose any sample data from the list. Once you see the sample data choose menu Data, Import, 'Import and Replace ALL Data', and choose the file 'download.csv' from your desktop. Once the import is complete you should now see all your data in the local database.

4, Now close all other open tabs you have, by selecting each and clicking the down arrow on it, then choosing Close Tab. Leaving only the 1 tab open called Local which is your local database.

Now all your online data is in the local database file so your online account can be wiped ready for syncing.

To synchronise your local and cloud database please see the section 'Setup a Synchronised Connection' in the FAQ below. As you have already completed some of the steps needed you only need to do step 5 and 6.

FAQ : how-to-synchronise-my-desktop-and-cloud-databases

Last updated, 30 January 2015, 19:56

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