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Do you offer refunds?
Added: 2014-09-09, 791 votes
Can I have multiple users?
Added: 2017-10-16, 789 votes
Where can I get the scheduling software ?
Added: 2013-01-02, 615 votes
Can we purchase in a different currency?
Added: 2013-01-01, 380 votes
What other payment methods do you offer?
Added: 2013-01-01, 373 votes
Can I live chat to your team?
Added: 2015-02-24, 281 votes
How can I get more live training?
Added: 2014-06-12, 280 votes
How to change the date or time format?
Added: 2015-02-03, 278 votes
Importing CSV data into Excel
Added: 2017-06-26, 200 votes
How many user licences do I need?
Added: 2017-12-07, 166 votes
VAT and sales Tax
Added: 2022-02-17, 0 votes

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