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  • > A quick guide to resource scheduling software
  • > How to send or share the schedule calendars and events with your staff and other employees
  • > Export or share to Outlook, Google, Apple and other shared calendars using ics/ical
  • > Adding resources/tags for your people, clients, equipment, projects, rooms, statuses...
  • > Events or Tasks or No Date Events? What's the difference?
  • > How to add calendar subscriptions, iCal, ICS to your iPhone or iPad?
  • > Is there a REST API or WebHooks?
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  • Support > General

  • > A Diary, Outlook, Google Calendar and Excel vs Schedule it
  • > Do you offer refunds?
  • > Can I have multiple users?
  • > How to update payment/billing/change credit card details used to auto renew account
  • > Can I call and speak with someone over the telephone with some questions?
  • > Where can I get the scheduling software ?
  • > General Data Protection Regulation compliance (GDPR, DPA)
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  • > Latest desktop updates, changelog and version history
  • > How to send and receive email alerts and invitations?
  • > Video - Scheduling software introduction for Desktop version.
  • > Subscription Shared Calendar links in the Desktop tool with Outlook, Google and iCal?
  • > Deep integration with Microsoft Exchange Calendars?
  • > Customise the Desktop reports/templates and change the tags?
  • > How can I import and export scheduling data in the on-prem desktop version?
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  • > Add event dependencies
  • > Ability to Drag and Drop Attachments on to an Event
  • > Select all resources in a group
  • > Multiple Events Open
  • > Repeat Events
  • > ICal out to include link to event.
  • > Export Email to include Attachments
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